Simple Store

Unique handcrafted home decor and garden whimsey. Each piece using vintage or antique pieces with natural wood or natural features. Never two the same and finished to perfection. Accept Square Reader and Pen Pal

Home Decore

Gear Table piece

Antique Creamer Gear mounted on hardwood.


Single Shelf

Black walnut makes an elegant single shelf with pipe hanger


Kitchen noteholder

vintage cutting board with decoupage and clothe's pin note holder


Vintage Jewelry Wall Plaque

Vintage jewelry, Christmas Tree on hardwood.


Christmas tree wall plaque.

On natural wood, vintage jewelry creates an elegant tree. $40. because the jewelry is old


Owl Wall Hanging

Wood Burnt feather on pine with 'Master Owl" image.


Origonal Artwork on Pine

"Waiting for Mom", wood burnt baby owl waiting in tree for mom, with acrylics.


Cutting Board

Vintage Cutting Board suitable for hanging, wood burn


Survivor Pig

Wooden pig decoupaged with Cancer Survivor Slogan


AM PM Wall Plaque with mugs for coffee/beer/sold

Wall plaque, personalized with name, am/coffee, pm is beer with mugs and glasses


Garden Whimsy

Glass Totemage/SOLD

A garden totem made with vintage cobalt blue glassware, a real 'sun catcher'.



Kitchen Tier

Blue enamel ware vintage plates on wooden spools, dessert trays or 'Catch -Alls'.


Live Edge Shelf /sold

Live edge Ash shelf adorned with double pipe hangers .


Single Shelf

Hardwood Slab mounted with pipe hardware.


Single Live-edge Shelf

Live -edge Cherry Wood single shelf with pipe hardware.


Wooden Dragonfly Patio Hangers

Wooden Dragonflies with hangers


Spoonin' Bird/Sold

Hand crafted wooden bird on 'spoon' feet


"Forkin' Bird" /SOLD

Hand crafted bird with fork feet and utensil tail


Authentic Tractor Stools SOLD

Massey Ferguson/ Maxwell cast iron tractor seats mounted on heavy stands, can be ordered for different heights. Can be used indoors or out, super comfy.


Wooden Shelf with hanging pipe bar/sold

Barnboard shelf with pipe bar, great for kitchen or bathroom


Decorative walking stick with 3 wooden butterflies/sold

Catalpa Wood slice butterflies attached to a handrafted walking stick for wall decor


Scale Coffee Table/sold

Totally refurbished cast iron wheels, brass Scale plate and hemlock wood SOLD


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