Each creation is totally unique. You will never find two the same.

BK's Craft Cottage was conceived when our daughter approached us to build her a headboard for her king size bed. It gave us an excuse (not that we needed one) to go to auctions. One day we found a Grainery Door and it became the focal point of her barnboard headboard . Fastened with antique hinges, it was up and looked gorgeous, and we had so much fun making it.
Now if you want us, we are in the boathouse creating unique items using live edge wood, vintage tools and driftwood.
We just started attending Craft Shows and have met some great people, but we enjoying making our items more than hanging around Craft Shows.
Sooooo....maybe a Web Page.
WE WILL TAKE SPECIFIC ORDERS. So if you don't see something, but like the live edge/pipe / vintage look, please contact us.

We are "Ennismorons" which means we live in Ennismore, on Lake Chemong. We are both retired and Crafting is new and exciting. We get bored easily, so two things are NEVER the same! But each piece lovingly created and beautifully finished. If you are looking for for that 'certain something ' of high quality and workmanship, this is the place for you!